Oasis Infusion

Infuse wellness in your daily life

Our Infusion process


A rich blend of carefully selected fruits and herbs


Cold infused, then finely filtered


Blended with 35% of our quality juices and pasteurized

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To help you focus on yourself, everywhere, every time

3 refreshing flavours to discover

Tange rine

  • Only 35 calories per 250ml, for better peace of mind.
  • No added sugar or sweetener as thirst-quenching as water as so much more flavour.


  • We only use the best fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices to thirst your quench.
  • Combined with what we do best, Oasis juice.


  • Cold infusion using natural and simple ingredients
  • Wherever, whenever the refreshing drink that brightens your day and helps you focus on that really counts.

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Discover the Infusion Challenge

  • Quick and concrete tips
  • Interviews with our wellness experts
  • Our ambassadors’ challenges
  • Bonus: a logbook to support you through this well-being challenge!
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