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4 steps to a relaxing spa day at home

What’s better than a spa day to unwind after a busy week? We’re showing you a step by step on how to recreate a spa day at home. You’ll then be able to access all the benefits in the comfort of your home!

  • Recreate the ambiance

Phone off, candles, dimmed light and soft music… transform your room into a place of relaxation and leave your worries behind for a night.

Here are three playlists that will recreate a relaxing spa atmosphere.

  1. SPA lounge
  2. Relaxing Massage
  3. Peaceful Retreat

A little tip to let go of stress: diffuse lavender essential oil, well-known for its anxiety soothing properties.

  • Create homemade treatment

It is absolutely unnecessary to spend a fortune in order to receive quality treatments. Indeed, the necessary ingredients to create a mask or a homemade exfoliant are usually already in your pantry!

For guidance, our ambassador, Léa Bégin from Beauties Lab, suggests a recipe based on oil, avocado, coffee and honey. Watch her video to recreate her body exfoliant.

  • Do as you please!

This special moment is for yourself only; use this opportunity to do a feel-good activity that allows you to realign yourself and think about what really matters. Here are a few inspiring ideas!

  1. Take a bath
  2. Read a book
  3. Self-massage
  4. Put on nail polish
  5. Meditate
  6. Apply a mask or an exfolian
  • A smooth transition

Do not go back immediately to your normal activities after this wellness moment. Wear something comfortable, and follow with an action that won’t rush you too much, like an evening yoga session or preparing some iced tea.
Must try: put your towel and bathrobe in the dryer to prolong pleasure after your home spa day!

We’re hoping that these tips will inspire you to take a moment to disconnect from time to time. Do not forget to enter the Infusion Challenge, which allows 15 minutes every day to your well-being. You could win a price worth 1250$, including an online yoga program, a Plantzy gift card, a makeup class and much more!

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