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4 tips for keeping your indoor plants alive

Take a breather and experience the benefits of taking care of your plants. They’ll forever be grateful if you follow these tips, especially if you usually let them down.


  • Adjust the light according to the type of plant

Choose and dispose of your plants based on the brightness of your apartment. If you own flowers that need a lot of light, position them south-west next to a window.

For optimal lighting, here are two options :

  1. Slightly move back your plants away from the window while still letting them access the light. That way, the sun won’t burn the leaves. 
  2. Set up a veil or light curtain over the window to avoid direct sunlight.


  • Find a pot that fills the plant’s need.

Never underestimate the importance of a good pot since it is where the plant lives and grows.

Here are a few instructions to get the foundation right:

  1. Choose a pot with drain holes, or create them yourselves using a drill machine so excess water will empty and won’t rot the roots.
  2. Spread around 2 cm of gravel at the bottom of the container.
  3. For optimal growth, the height of the pot should be equivalent to the third of the plant’s total height, including the roots.
  • Watering without rushing

The motto: better have a dry plant than an overwatered plant. It is also mandatory to avoid rushing it due to abrupt environmental change. To do so, follow these few tips. 

  1. Use room temperature water.
  2. Water them in the morning, before the heat settles in.
  3. Spray some water over and under the leaves.
  4. Move your plants in the shadow if you are not capable of watering them for a day or two.


  • Cleaned and keep your eyes open

Plants are breathing through their leaves; it is then essential to clean them from time to time. A simple humid cloth can do the trick and easily remove the dust. It is also beneficial to remove any dead leaves and trim the stem that grows between two knots (the attachment point between the stem and the leaves). Those kinds of branches ask for additional energy from the plants, which will leave it with less time to produce flowers and fruits.

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