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The essentials to convert your working space

  • Have a good working posture

Telework usually rhymes with long hours sitting down. Make sure you’re comfortable at all times! Here are a few tips to remember when you’ll set up your working space.

  1. Leave a one-arm distance between you and your screen.
  2. Display your monitor at eye level.
  3. Opt for a chair that supports your back.
  4. Keep your elbows and knees at a 90 degrees angle.
  5. Get up from time to time to stretch a little.


  • The importance of lightning

The lightning of your room can surprisingly have some impact on your productivity. A simple window can effectively bring some creativity, relieve stress and produce a sensation of well-being. If you do not have the chance to work with an outdoor view, turn to phototherapy. Only 30 minutes of light exposition can suppress melatonin production, which is one of the causes of seasonal depression.


  • No such thing as too much storage

Concentrate on your work instead of spending your time searching for material and documents. By having a tidy space, you’ll leave less time for distractions and encourage productivity.

  1. Take a step forward in a tidy workplace with these 3 steps!
  2. Get rid of unuseful elements and organize your papers.
  3. Use all available surfaces, from the wall shelves to the drawers from your desk.
  4. Use small containers or even ice cube moulds to sort out smaller accessories like paper clips, pencil leads refill and staples
  • Say yes to greens

Not only are they cute, but plants also renew air and humidify your working place. Taking a few minutes daily to take care of them slows down your busy schedule and is beneficial for your concentration and mood. Don’t have a green thumb? Check out our tips to keep your plants alive and our ambassador Kimberly short video that explains how to take care of your plants.


  • A workplace reflecting your image

Whether it is quotes or photographic souvenirs, put together a workplace that reflects your image by adding accents that will inspire you and boost your creativity. If you plan on adding a touch of colour, it might be interesting to consider its influence on your mood!

  1. To boost your spirit and productivity, paint your space with warm colours.
  2. To stimulate creativity, opt for some blue that will awake your right hemisphere.
  3. To calm yourself down, turn to green, which is ideal for reading.

Once your workspace is converted for productive telework, do not forget to take a break and set aside moments to log off! Enter the Infusion challenge for a chance to win a wellness kit worth of 1250$. You only need to dedicate 15 minutes every day to your well-being. Register here!

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