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With our hectic lives, it’s easy to postpone training to the next day. The time has come to change your habits and dedicate 20 minutes of your day to move. Weightlifting, cycling or any team sports; find what motivates you and feel the benefits on your body and your mood.

Stefanie Derome


Founder of MissFit studios, Stefanie is passionate about physical activity. During her bachelor’s degree in physical and health education, she set up a training program for women, which became, in 2012, the first MissFit gym.

Wellness according to Stefanie

In a society obsessed with body image, it’s easy to forget about our well-being. This fight against appearances, restrictions and social barriers is what drives Stefanie. She has always been inspired by the idea that women can accomplish anything they want. Her motto, ‘’you’re stronger than you think’’, aims to show women that anything is possible when you work for it.

Magic happens when you achieve something that you didn’t think you could do, and it’s often possible because someone believed in you.

Measure the Results Differently

Progress should not be measured on a scale, but rather by the weights you can lift, the number of seconds you can do the plank or the number of training sessions you do per week. Stefanie wishes to change the mentality surrounding training, to break social norms and make everyone feel good about themselves.

I decided to remove all the scales in the MissFit studios to focus on results that really matter, such as wellness and fun.

Physical Activity as a Therapy

Training also helps you externalize stress and clear your mind. Similar to therapy, exercise makes you stronger in every aspect of your life. ‘’ When we believe in ourselves, there are no more limits. Everything is possible and the results come easily when you work out for fun. ‘’

Including a training routine in your schedule requires adjustment and patience. Stefanie suggests to plan shorter sessions and to set realistic goals. Moreover, preparation is essential for nutrition but also to stay organized. According to her, the golden rule is to respect the training you write down in your agenda! All you have to do is to find what works best for you!

For me, movement means wanting to be the best version of yourself and being stronger physically but also mentally.

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