Make your home a given space to unwind

Whether it is to create, garden or relax, each room can be unique, representing who you are and bringing you joy.

A few inspiring ideas:

  • Create a dedicated yoga or reading space
  • Design your decor
  • Build a space for productive telework
  • Garden
  • Kimberly Denis


    Always looking for the most beautiful destinations on the planet, Kimberly has been travelling from one country to another for a few years now. However, there’s nothing like home for her. She gained acclaim by combining her passion for photography, artistic eye and adventures into stunning images.

    Wellness according to Kimberly

    Happiness is often found in simplicity. That’s what Kimberly relies on while travelling or at home. A refined decor, plenty of plants and bright rooms; it’s the environment that provides her the tranquillity needed to create and take care of herself.

    Wellness means balance in different areas of my life

    Coming back home

    Every time she returns from an adventure, Kimberly is filled by a feeling of wellness. She takes advantage of these moments to focus on herself. Enjoy breakfast on her balcony, take some photos for fun or admire a sunset; all these simple things are special moments for her.

    When I come home, it’s my time to reconnect, recharge my energy and rest.

    A place for yourself

    Kimberly uses her travels as inspirations to furnish her apartment. The raw textures evoke a contact with nature, while the artistic touch reminds her of her favourite coffee shops in Bali. Having grown up in the countryside, she expresses her proximity with nature through different items in her house. She appreciates having beautiful and well-thought rooms in order to preserve the functionality of her apartment and to avoid anything unnecessary.

    ‘’When you build your own home, you have to listen to yourself, know your needs and take into account your budget.’’

    Before dedicating a space to yourself at home, you need to think about what makes you feel good. Kimberly suggests choosing the rooms where you spend more time and go at your own pace.

    Let it breathe – Clean your apartment or your house and get rid of any objects that you don’t need.

    Create – Unleash your creativity and give a second chance to old objects. Kimberly loves to find ideas on Pinterest.

    Whether by creating a small garden on your balcony, a painting space or a reading corner in the living room, these tips will certainly help you dedicate a space according to your needs.

    “It’s important to take some time to realign yourself. It allows me to know that I’m on the right path and see if I need to improve any aspects of my life.”

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