Challenge : Clean up your beauty routine

For the next two weeks, rethink your morning routine and get ready in 5 minutes less than usual, while noticing the features you love about yourself.

Léa Bégin


Léa has been a makeup artist for more than 13 years. She is also head of the Beauties platform, where she shares her knowledge and inspires women to adopt responsible habits, both in their fashion choices and their beauty routine.

Beauty according to Léa

While retouched photos and models with perfect skins are still the standards in the fashion and beauty industries, what attracts Léa is rather the imperfections and features that make each individual unique.

I want to respect the person’s DNA, find what makes them feel beautiful and, above all, what makes them feel good.

Love-hate relationship

Léa’s relationship with makeup wasn’t always so healthy. She used to have high standards about the image she wanted to project, to the point of not daring to be seen without makeup. While skiing, at the beach or at home; she was even anxious to have an unexpected guest at her house after removing her makeup.

I became trapped in an image that I created myself.

Learn to find yourself beautiful

She realized that she didn’t want to spend every morning of her life creating a new image of herself. She slowly changed her beauty routine to learn to love herself in a simpler and more natural way.

‘’I realized I had to learn how to feel beautiful again and love myself without makeup.’’

For Léa, the key is to become aware of our habits and to rethink what is really necessary. Go back to basics and highlight the natural features that make you feel beautiful.

Here are some tips to lighten up your beauty routine :

Keep it simple – Léa hates removing her makeup. Her tip to save time for her nighttime routine: she simply curls her eyelashes without using mascara!

Choose products that do double duty – By using one product for your eyes, cheeks and lips, you end up saving time and money!

YouTube tutorials, yes, but … – It’s a great start but it’s even more important to find what works for you because every person is different.

Whether in the way you dress, how you style your hair or how you put makeup on, it’s important to feel good about your choices and learn to love yourself.

Life is too short to wait for others’ approval. We have to realize that all of this starts within us.

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