Change your menu with the seasons

Eating should bring happiness, satisfaction and a will to discover. By relying on harvests to create your menu, you will be more aware of where your food comes from, and learn how to cook all over again by connecting with what the earth has to offer.

Virginie Goudreault


Eating consciously, democratizing cooking and finding balance – these are habits that Virginie Goudreault promotes daily. Founder of Blond Story, she is also the editor-in-chief of this platform dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness according to Virginie

When eating becomes an obsession, it’s time to question what’s really good for you. Virginie had to reconsider the way she was eating when she learned she was intolerant to many foods. That’s the reason she’s well-placed to speak about wellness in our plates.

I discovered that I had many food intolerances and I became obsessed with the food on my plate.

The turning point

Becoming aware of your nourishment

This unhealthy relationship with food lasted for a few years until Virginie realized that her obsession, also known as orthorexia, made her unhappy. The turning point? Organic baskets. ‘’It made me understand the importance of seasons. I had no choice to use the products in my basket and learn how to cook all over again. It made me rediscover root vegetables, for example.’’ Becoming aware of farmers’ work and interacting with her family farmer had a huge impact on her relationship with food. Cooking and eating are now a source of well-being that allows her to meditate, be more creative and recharge her energy.

Going back to basics, for me, was about eating whole foods that come from the land, and knowing where they come from.

Where to start?

According to Virginie, planning is the key. Making time to try recipes and create a menu is a great way to incorporate seasonal vegetables into your plate. She also suggests going to the market or ordering directly at the farm. There are so many different vegetables harvested in June. Among them are asparagus, Swiss chard, cucumber and spinach. Get more information by contacting directly your local merchant or consult online calendars for the full list.

When it comes to food, wellness starts with the pleasure of eating and cooking. Vegetable baskets are just one way to get back to basics and appreciate the value of food.

“Wellness is about finding harmony between body and mind. Refocus, listen and find what makes you feel good.”

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