Challenge: Find Time for Me Moments

For the next two weeks, plan three moments for yourself and take this opportunity to be in a well-being state and you focus on the present.

Eve Guilbert


For Eve Guilbert, it is the practice of yoga that has shown her the importance of connecting with herself daily. After practising ballet for several years, she now shares her passion for movement and well-being as a yoga teacher at Wanderlust Studio.

Wellness according to Eve

Yoga came into Eve’s life when she was 16 years old. At that time, her practice was essentially focused on being physically healthy. But as time passed by, her yoga sessions took on a different meaning and became a way of connecting with herself and her community.

It’s important to take some time to develop your inner strength. I believe that you need to have a good relationship with yourself first to then take care of your loved ones.

Eve tries to practise yoga or meditation every day.

Beyond the physical practice, yoga encourages her to grow and gain self-confidence.

I feel a little stronger every day and better equipped to get through life thanks to personal moments where I connect with my self-essence

Find your own moment

The motto: think for yourself. As Eve says, it must be a moment entirely dedicated to doing something you like. You must put aside anything that feels like a task. In her group practises, her goal is to inspire people. She wants to help them find what works for them and guide them to positive and healthy habits.

Where to start?

To make sure she has some wellness moments every day, Eve lists them in a notebook before starting her day. As she says, taking a moment for yourself is as simple as enjoying a coffee, going for a walk during the lunch break, listening to a podcast or reading. This is the perfect opportunity to get out of the autopilot mode and stop for a moment to fully appreciate the present.

‘’ The word spirit is about being well in our own skin in all its facets. It’s about finding balance in our hectic busy lives.’’

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Stay in motion

With our hectic lives, it’s easy to postpone training to the next day. The time has come to change your habits and dedicate 20 minutes of your day to move. Weightlifting, cycling or any team sports; find what motivates you and feel the benefits on your body and your mood.

Stefanie Derome